Thursday, February 9, 2017


                Macro was one of my favorite part of the class. Using a macro lens on my phone, helped me take macro pictures of anything I could think of. Grass and water go great together and being able to see really up close how irrelevant things look like brings me satisfaction. Throughout my life I've always seen macro photography around but never really thought of what the photographer used, where they were or how close the camera had to be in order for it to work. The moment I got the lens, I went out on my back yard and got really close to the grass to take a picture of the wet grass and saw how great the water droplets looked with the grass and the combination or the sun light.

During the two years in photography, I never took a picture in the same way that the others in my class did. Mine was more up close then far behind, also the angles that the pictures were taken have been different. I like to have the colors of my photos a little darker than the others do. My favorites are dark blue to black, I think that it adds my personality on them and just not trying to have them light since for me it's not what I like. My pictures have always been really random and out of order, I never had a theme tho go with my pictures except the darker colors and that is it. I'm more into texture more than anything, I like to focus on the lines more than the smooth parts at times. Water drops are my favorite to photograph because you can use them in so many ways. You can take a picture of the background that is faded and that water drop can reflect wha't behind the picture.

Photography has turned into a huge deal to me. My dad has been taking picture since ever and I love having talks with him about developing the photographs and using the dark room. I would love to keep developing my skills through visual art and improve on my skills.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Dream (3-5)


3. Paragraph/statement/Blurb about your dream theme, the story, or something that gives us further insight.


Cold Hearted